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Sugarhouse has a number of juicy lines set for week two action. NFL betting typically becomes easier with each successive week. Now that we have an idea of each team’s strength and weaknesses, we can make reasonable predictions for what will unfold from here on out.

Minnesota Vikings +3 at Green Bay Packers -3 O/U 44

Sugarhouse’s line of Green Bay -3 does not make much sense. Though the Packers upset the Bears in the first game of the season, the Vikings looked fantastic in week one. Dalvin Cook beasted, Kirk Cousins protected the ball and the Vikings defense looked as stout as ever. The only reason why the Packers are slightly favored by Sugarhouse is the fact that this game will be played at Lambeau Field.

Pick: Vikings +3

Indianapolis Colts +3 at Tennessee Titans -3 O/U 44.5

This is another Sugarhouse line that makes little-to-no sense. The Titans upset the Browns in week one by a considerable margin. The Colts were a pleasant week one surprise with Jacoby Brissett at the helm. However, the Titans should win this home game with ease. Look for Derek Henry to gash the Colts undersized defense for 100+ yards.

Pick: Titans moneyline -177

Buffalo Bills -1.5 at New York Giants +1.5 O/U 43.5

Sugarhouse seems to have gotten this line somewhat correct. Veteran NFL gamblers are well aware of the fact that the Bills might fall into this “trap game” as they are flying high after a close victory over the Jets. The Giants will undoubtedly feed Saquon Barkley after he was underutilized in week one. However, Buffalo has a solid quarterback, a lockdown corner in Tre White, above average receivers and an up-and-coming halfback in Devin Singletary.

Pick: Bills moneyline -130

Seattle Seahawks +4 at Pittsburgh Steelers -4 O/U 46.5

Savvy gamblers understand Sugarhouse has Seattle listed as an underdog for no good reason. The Seahawks prevailed in a close matchup with the Bengals last week. The Steelers did a face-plant against the Patriots. The Steelers defense looked pathetic against the Pats. Ben Roethlisberger failed to involve newly-signed Dante Moncrief in the offense. Russell Wilson and Chris Carson should lead the Seahawks to a decisive victory over the Steelers this Sunday.

Pick: Seahawks +4 and moneyline +160

Dallas Cowboys -5.5 at Washington Residents +5.5 O/U 46

The Cowboys looked unbeatable in week one. America’s team laid the smack down on the lowly Giants. Dak Prescott will have things a bit tougher in week two as he faces off against Josh Norman and an underrated Redskins defense. However, Colt McCoy still is not ready to play. Even if McCoy were under center instead of Case Keenum, the Cowboys would still win this game with ease.

Pick: Cowboys moneyline -240

Arizona Cardinals +14 at Baltimore Ravens -14 O/U 46.5

The Cardinals ended up tying the Lions in an odd week one contest. The Ravens blew out the Dolphins. As a result, Sugarhouse has Baltimore listed as a two-touchdown favorite for week two. This line seems egregiously large as a result of Baltimore’s mismatch against Miami. Look for Arizona to keep this matchup within 10 points, largely because Kyler Murray has a litany of talented wide receivers at his disposal. Having a healthy David Johnson in the backfield certainly helps the Cardinals cause.

Pick: Cardinals +14

Jacksonville Jaguars +8.5 at Houston Texans -8.5 O/U 43.5

Gardner Minshew is likely to start at quarterback for the Jaguars. Minshew will take over for the sidelined Nick Foles. Though the Texans struggled to protect Deshaun Watson on Monday night against the Saints, it looks like Watson is the NFL’s next big superstar. Minshew is capable of putting up 20+ points against the Texans. Though the Jags have a decent defense, Watson’s pass-happy offense should light them up for 30+ points.

Pick: Over 43.5

Kansas City Chiefs -7.5 at Oakland Raiders +7.5 O/U 53.5

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a sprained ankle. Chiefs wide receiver Tyreke Hill will not play the rest of the month due to injury. However, Sugarhouse still has the Chiefs as a touchdown favorite against the Vegas-bound Raiders. Though few people tuned into the Raiders Monday night victory, it must be pointed out that the Raiders looked solid even without Antonio Brown. Add in the fact that this week two matchup is in Oakland and it becomes increasingly clear the Raiders will likely keep it close or possibly even win outright.

Pick: Raiders +7.5

Philadelphia Eagles -2 at Atlanta Falcons +2 O/U 51

The Eagles struggled in their week one matchup against the Redskins. The Falcons also struggled in week one. Take a close look at these rosters and you will likely walk away believing the Eagles have a superior defense. However, the Falcons have better running backs. Sugarhouse’s line of Philly -2 seems sensible.

Pick: Eagles moneyline


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